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Gelbooru-tan Dakimakura Cover

We've made the ultimate weeb product. Gelbooru proudly presents to you... the long awaited: Dakimakura! This is the time to be fearless, show off the cuteness that is Gelbooru-tan, and shout out your window that you are not to be fucked with. You have the power of God and anime on your side! I'd like you to take a moment to realize how incredibly time consuming this whole process was, the sanity of our artist was pushed to their limit, the constant revisions, only to revert back to this design after literal weeks of work. We wanted a great representation of armor, and something incredibly cute, eastern themed, and just overall, meme worthy. Here it is.

This dakimakura is a double sided creation, but Gelbooru-tan looks the same on both sides. The difference are some items placed onto the daki. One of our frontpage on her phone, a strawberry, and finally some modern art on it.

Those of you who have been around for a very long time may remember some of the things we did around here during downtimes, Some of you may remember the strawberry video, others may recall a story of some random Anonymous fan who sent a Tenga to us, purchased and shipped from J-list. All of that is represented in our latest product to shill to you, seeing as the strawpoll requested this. Over 2,400 votes went towards a body pillow, and so, after blood, sweat, and tears were spilled, I proudly present to you... Gelbooru-tan - The Dakimakura!

It's your move. You voted, you can now take the plunge and purchase this Gelbooru masterwork, drawn, painstakingly, by Freeze-Ex. Did you want to support the site and own likely some of the most original hot garbage around? Want to stick it to the man and say you can own any body pillow cover you want? This is your moment. Carpe diem. Lorem Ipsum and all that.

Artwork by Freeze-Ex. Go check out his store as well to see the other cool shit they've done!

Care instructions: Hand-wash with very light soapy water. Rinse soap and let air dry. Avoid using a machine to wash!

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