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Gelbooru Brand Soap

Gelbooru is committed to cleaning up our userbase. Starting with the basics. Taking pre-orders starting April 1st, we will have your soap mailed out to you as soon as they drop. You would have to be Born a fool to let this deal slip through your fingers.

Warning: Slippery when wet.

Product Dimensions:

Each bar of soap has a dimension of 3x3x1 inches, or 7.62x7.62x2.54 centimeters for all the sane people.

There will only be two scents this time. We've chosen the most popular scents via feedback from our users. The blue soap and the cinnamon soap. Scents will be packaged at a 2:1 ratio as according to the amount of favoritism shown. Example: Two cinnamon per one blue soap.

Product artwork by [BORN-TO-DIE]

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