You only have male sized shirts? What the ACTUAL FUCK?!? *Triggered*

Yes, at the moment all of our stock is sized for men unless specified otherwise. I mean, it's the year 20xx, we are much more open to the various gender identities and selective fitting of clothing... However, the sizing choices available right now are mainly due to production costs. However, if the initial promotional run turns out successful, expect additional styles to be added.

Can I order more than one shirt?

Yes, of course. Contact us directly through the Need Help link above if you think you may develop carpal tunnel from the process. I mean, it took more time to write this FAQ than it did to program the site and inventory system. Can't you tell?

Where is my shit at?

You'll receive a notice via PayPal that the item has shipped as soon as we drop it off at the post office. Usually a package is delivered within 7 days within the USA, and around 7-30 days internationally. If you do not receive your package after this do not hesitate to contact us! We will be issuing tracking numbers for all future orders that are made from countries outside the USA.

International shipping free?!

It used to be, however, we now include the price of shipping in the total cost of the item. We will do our best to lower the overall cost to all of you, our loyal fans, over the drink.

If I order more than one item for an international destination, do I get discounted shipping costs?

If you order multiple items at the same time, shipping costs get combined, at a tiered amount. This means you will only pay approximately what we would pay for shipping. Less actually.

Where are the items shipped from?

All our items are shipping from the USA, so if you are receiving outside of this area, expect to pay international rates for shipping and possible fees from customs.

Have questions?

Get in touch with us on Discord via the link above.